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North Mississippi Allergy and Asthma Center IS HERE TO HELP! Established in 2008, we specialize in the treatment of allergic rhinitis, asthma (pediatric and adults), eczema, hay fever, sinus disease, insect allergy, hives, and food allergy. We also manage primary immune deficiencies.  We are a dedicated group of Board Certified Specialists in Adult & Pediatric Asthma, Allergy & Immunology. We look forward to meeting you and assisting you with your needs. Contact us today to achieve relief from the following: Asthma Wheezing Coughing Shortness of Breath Chest Tightness Allergies Hay Fever Eczema Food Allergies Hives Insect & Drug Allergies Sinusitis Congestion Post Nasal Drip Headache Facial Pain Persistent Cough


  • Our Tupelo office will be closing at noon on Wednesday, November 27th and will be closed on Thursday-Friday, November 28th-29th.
  • Our New Albany office will be closed on Tuesday, November 26th.
  • Our Starkville office will be closed on Wednesday, November 27th.
  • Our Starkville Office has moved and changed days!! Our Starkville office is open on Wednesdays at 501 Hospital Road Starkville, MS 39759!
  • Attention Allergy and Asthma Moms: If your child has a food allergy or asthma, please schedule an appointment to get your child an updated check-up, so we can fill out their school forms appropriately.

Allergy Shots are Available

Tupelo Location

1512 Medical Park Circle Tupelo, MS 38801

Shots  administered:

8am until 11:30am  and 1:00pm until 4:30pm

8am until 11:30am

Starkville Location

501 Hospital Road Starkville, MS 39759

Shots  administered:

WEDNESDAYS: 9am until 3:30pm

Attention New Patients!

When you are coming in for allergy testing, you must stay off antihistamines for 7 days.

Educational Videos

The Mantoux tuberculin skin test (TST) is the standard method of determining whether a person is infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Reliable administration and reading of the TST require standardization of procedures, training, supervision, and practice. How is the TST Administered?

Immunotherapy works better for some types of cancer than for others. It’s used by itself for some of these cancers, but for others it seems to work better when used with other types of treatment. What the immune system does Your immune system is a collection of organs, special cells, and substances that help protect you from infections and some other diseases. Immune cells and the substances they make travel through your body to protect it from germs that cause infections. They also help protect you from cancer in some ways.