Prior to your Allergy Appointment

Please stop antihistamines 7 days prior to your scheduled visit.  Antihistamines can interfere with skin testing which is often done to diagnosis allergies.  Click the button below to see the list provided for common antihistamines that should be avoided.

Prior to your appointment, please check with your insurance to make sure a referral is not needed and that our providers are in your managed care network.  Tricare insurance often requires a referral authorization from your primary care manager. While checking with your insurance, please make sure you are aware of any copays or deductibles that you are responsible for. Please print paperwork from the Patient Forms page of our website and bring your completed paperwork to your visit.

At your Allergy Appointment

  • Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. This will allow you time to verify insurance coverage and sign paperwork.
  • Please have your medical insurance card and driver’s license ready to be scanned by our front desk staff.
  • After you check in at the front desk, you will meet one of our allergy nurses who will check your vitals and review your medical information.  For patients with asthma or symptoms suggestive of asthma, a breathing test (spirometry) may be done prior to meeting with the allergist.
  • Then the allergist will meet you and obtain a very detailed history regarding your symptoms you or your child have been experiencing and also complete a physical exam. 
  • After the history and physical exam, you and your allergist will decide if any testing is necessary. This may include: Skin Prick Testing, Breathing Test, Labs, Sinus CT or chest x-ray
  • A comprehensive evaluation of your problems will follow with an individualized, detailed plan of care.